WAR ALOD: Gud Fights, Gud Fleets

The CODE alliance has grown bolder, and deployed an Astrahus and Fortizar in the Uedama system.

Several brave souls decided they would accept the challenge.

The fleet doctrine was decided upon, based on test runs at the CODE Fortizar.  As expected, CODE rallied multiple gank fleets of Tornados and Catalysts after the Fortizar shields were taken down.

The Astrahus was then reinforced.

This time, it was Machariels and a Coercer gank fleet.  The Coercer fleet would tether, untether, shoot then warp out, in the hopes of not losing any ships.

A suspect Hyperion battleship played peek-a-boo, popping in and out of the Astrahus, but eventually it strayed too far from safety.

The coercers too played similar games, but never quite found a good warp in to do too much damage.  As the Astrahus hull melted, a fleet of CODE Bhaalgorns landed on grid.  But they did not engage, considering the expensive losses that would incur, given the much cheaper Vexor-Osprey Fleet Doctrine.

In the end, the CODE defense fleets left, and explosions ensued.

A hearty well done, and well played, to the Astral Alliance and TetraFinity and all the support pilots who showed CODE this day what true PVP and Fleet Battles look like.


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