Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Goon Leader Mittani makes the case against CODE

The Goon Leader recently had a Fireside Chat in which he attacks anyone who reports possible Goon Botters.

Listen in, and hear the Mittani build the definitive case against the CODE Alliance itself.

"But some self-righteous douchebag decided to report everybody that he thought was multi-boxing..."

"And just like some uppity f*king church lady.. because he felt that he knew best, and he felt that he could actually just look at a group of people doing something and judge individually as IF THEY KNEW who was botting and who was multi-boxing and who was Good and who was Bad.  That person is a piece of sh*t goon f*ker traitor, because YOU DO NOT KNOW what the other person is doing on the other side of the client. YOU DO NOT KNOW whether they are using IS Boxer correctly or whether they are actually violating the EULA. YOU DO NOT KNOW if the person who is mining in the belt with you or bratting [sic] in a belt near you or in an anomaly YOU DON"T KNOW whether they're a bot or not."

"DON'T be a self-righteous piece of sh*t. DON'T be that guy."

"YOU are not the Judge, Jury and Executioner. YOU do not get to decide what other people .. are doing or not doing because you have no idea what's going on.."

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