Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 Scout-A-Geddon Results

An amazing month and an amazing group of warriors displayed tenacity and ruthlessness as they went after criminal scouts during Scout-A-Geddon.

The Inglourious Bastards trained a new group of HSM members in vigilante operations and found additional members for the HSM Black Ops team. Op success!

Four wardecs were received this month which is hilarious, being a vigilante corp and all.

The mission to "Clear the trade lanes of criminal ship & cargo scanning scouts, repeatedly, brutally, and without mercy... for Justice!" was also a huge success...

448 ganker scouts killed in one month of all sizes and shapes, tech levels and tanks.

Many of you have learned that vigilante ops are an effective tool against gankers, and adds an additional arrow in your quiver of tactics, alongside ECM, Counter-Bumping, Repping, and Miner & Hauler education.

Most importantly this contest would not have been possible without the generous donations of awards and ISK from the good miners and haulers of high sec. We get donations almost on a daily basis now. Thanks to all of you out there!

So here are the contest results:

* The top scout killer and recipient of a Catalyst Inner Zone Shipping Skin (Permanent): Sako Kawasaki with 225 kills!

* The second place scout killer and recipient of 100 mil ISK: Stavross with 92 kills!

* The top scout pod killer and recipient of a Thrasher Blue Tiger Skin (Permanent): Sako Kawasaki with 9 kills!

* The second place scout pod killer is tied between two contestants and so each will receive of 100 mil ISK: Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette and Charlie Cadelanne both with 7 kills!

* The recipient of the Aldo Raine's 100 Scalp Award and PLEX is Sako Kawasaki!

* The Mach Killer award goes to Jennifer en Marland for her kill and included a 250 mil ISK bonus on top of the regular HSM bounty!

The winner of the Most Expensive Looter/Scout Hybrid and overall winner for most expensive scout not including Machs and recipient of 250 mil ISK is: Sako Kawasaki for this beautiful kill:

The winner of the Most Expensive Ganker/Scout Hybrid and second place for most expensive scout overall and recipient of 250 mil ISK is: Stavross for this also beautiful kill:

* Every participant received a million ISK for every scout they killed during the month!!!

For the winner of most expensive scout kill, was one that was so expensive that it came with ganker tears and a "year long wardec". The recipient of this award is Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette, and he received 250 mil ISK for his kill. Here is the kill and the resulting tears:

The Marmite Collective Declares War Against The Inglourious Bastards

[20:07:45] Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette  Yes?
[20:08:00] Murdoch Luther  Nice kill
[20:08:07] Murdoch Luther  Also, bad move
[20:08:40] Maximilien Robespierre Patrouette  And that would be why?
[20:08:43] Murdoch Luther  Consider yourself an enemy of eevry merc alliance in eve
[20:09:12] Murdoch Luther  You just killed one of our protectees
[20:10:11] Murdoch Luther  Enjoy wars, for 1 year at least. Have a nice day.

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Aldo Raine said...

Wardec only lasted a week! XD

Great work all of you guys!