Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Scam Contracts: Weed Probe Gang

The Militia has encountered another collateralized contract scam gang whose Machariel bumper is Weed Probe

This criminal gang uses 2 Slashers (Pedro Sukarala and Sluta) for scouts and Exequrors for suicide scrams.

The current contract issuer is Kanjus Trade and Freight

A freighter pilot made a distress call from Jeras, and the Militia responded and brought Logi on grid. The freighter pilot had been playing cat-and-mouse games with Weed Probe.  The contract had a 9 billion ISK collateral, and Weed Probe was desperate to make the freighter fail the courier mission.

In a bid to plan and test the next moves, the cargo was dropped off, and the freighter refitted with triple bulkheads.

The freighter was finally caught. The gank fleet warped in and attacked, but the Militia was able to tank the damage, and fully repair the freighter.  Afterwards, the Militia assisted in the escape and redocking of the freighter.  The event was captured on video.

The gankers then went on a 10 hour space camping spree, and unfortunately, the freighter was later caught and destroyed.

The criminal gang is shown below.

Others members of this criminal gang are:

  • Bucola Kanjus - alt of weed probe
  • d0dUe  - machariel bumper
  • Improved Cloaking Device 
  • Mrs Bubba 
  • Yellow Queen 
  • Bier ForceOne 
  • Calda CACA 
  • Bear ForceOne  
  • Janna Mundo 

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Kip Winger HSM said...

10 hour camp.. Sheesh. At least they really had to work for that gank.