Saturday, March 19, 2016

True Stories: Battle Ventures of the Militia

For the adventurous, flying a Battle Venture to take down criminals combines all the forms of fun New Eden has to offer: Ratting, Mining, and giving criminals the opportunity to repeatedly taste the cold void of space.

This story takes place in Madirmilire, where our brave Venture miner was flying around minding her own business. *cough*

Darzet - of the imitation crab-meat CODE Crab Sticks corporation - had found a war-target.  Darzet  approached his intended victim, overly confident with his Hubris IV and Arrogance V - skills only available to CODE members, and only injected through special rectal injectors.

His war-target, Ariel Safire, had been waiting patiently for just such a fool.

Darzet target locked and approached.

Our Battle Venture enabled the afterburner, set the orbit at 12 km, locked Darzet and enabled the warp disrupter,

Darzet realized this was no normal target, and attempted to flee, but was locked in the Battle Venture's deadly embrace.

Kill: Darzet (Catalyst) 

Fail Fit Against Ventures

Not listed on KM: The 'fofofofofofo' police

Darzet learned about Justice the hard way.  The brochures handed out at the CODE recruitment picnics where imitation sea food and suspicious looking sausages are served, were horribly wrong.

Killing miners was not that easy.  Killing miners was not like stealing tears from goons.

Darzet learned that sometimes, Miners pwn your ass.

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