Monday, May 18, 2015

SitRep: Vaurent

After Action Report 2015.05.18

Kill Report: 

On 2015.05.18, at approximately 0800 hours, while piloting a Hulk in a blue ice field located at Vaurent, in Ysiette/Everyshore, I detected a Venture (piloted by Kies) enter the field. As I do with all initial ship entries into my duty station location, I ran a report on the pilot while keeping an eye on the ship herself. 

The report on Kies, and his corporation, was sparse but clean. However, I deemed the behavior of his Venture as suspicious, since he was slowly creeping towards my location without actually doing any ice harvesting . . . which a Venture cannot do anyway, as ice harvesting modules are not fittable to that ship class. It was possible he was scouting out the fields for corporation and/or fleet pilots, but the observed flight path was not indicative of such behavior.

I initiated DScan protocols, refeshing the data every ten (10) seconds, while also initiating hot-swap preparations; [redacted].

Upon seeing two (2) Catalysts appear on DScan, pre-engagement hot-swap protocols were raised to the next level: [redacted]

Approximately thirty (30) seconds later, two (2) Catalysts were seen to hit grid, and then drop from warp into the ice field, approximately the same location as the suspect Venture previously identified. Moments later a third ship, this one a Thrasher, joined the other two, all four ships approximately ten (10) to fourteen (14) kilometers off my stationary position. 

Since the overview did not immediately identify them as criminals I decided to hold off [redacted]. I freely admit, and accepted, that this was potentially risky, all the more so because I was dealing with three (3) potential hostiles. Since they were not KOS, nor were they wanted by either CONCORD or faction/Navy police, By the current ROE I was not free to initiate an engagement without first being engaged myself. It was also entirely possible (although in no way did I believe it to be so) that they were simply dropping in to scout and/or provide protection for their own corporation and/or fleet members.

All three potential hostiles began slowly approaching my position. I cannot be sure of the exact time required to close, as I was a bit focused at the time, but approximately fifteen (15) seconds after warp deceleration they had closed the range to within 3,800 to 2,200 meters, at which point my threat warning systems announced my ship was being actively locked. The instant that the first rounds were fired I initiated [redacted]. 

I immediately began target acquisition on all three, and as soon as each one was locked it was engaged with a jammer. I was a bit concerned about the Thrasher, as the active loadout at the time of engagement had the Griffin armed with [redacted] jammers. As it turned out the Thrasher was successfully jammed using just one (1) of them.

The engagement concluded with the destruction of all three hostile vessels upon the arrival of CONCORD. [redacted] had sustained moderate damage (approximately 70%) to the shields and minor damage (approximately 38%) to the armor, both of which were repaired by the fleet Orca's repair drones. Subsequent examination of [redacted] revealed that she had not been docked unscathed: her shields were at 68%, and again those were repaired by the fleet Orca.

The hostile wrecks were quickly looted by an unknown. Considering I had a MTU deployed within 500 meters of my position, and the hostile wrecks were within 3,000 meters of my position, the obvious conclusion is that another ship/pilot looted them. Since they were CONCORD kills they were free to loot, and therefore there was no indication as to whom the pilot, or pilots, were. However, the Venture piloted by Kies was clearly seen maneuvering around the engagement area. Based upon all evidence I strongly suspect that he looted the wrecks. 

After salvaging the looted wrecks [redacted] the fleet Orca scooped up the MTU.

This concludes my after-action report.

Private Albrecht Patrouette
High Sec Militia

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The Colonel said...

Nice to see people "getting it" and doing something other than whining and crying. Well done!