Scam ALOD: Welped Orthrus

A Charon was bumped by  Edwin Niwde in Sivala.

The pilot, unfortunately, was convo'ed by NE RD who was in a Heron.   NE RD convinced the freighter pilot he would help web him to escape, if he only accepted a duel...

As you would expect, it was a trap.  NE RD cycled his web once, then left only to return in a ship that was less helpful.

But luckily,  Slania Auduin was also there to assist, in one of the few ways possible.

The Charon was saved, and docked up.  The HSM  was able to talk to the pilot and rep the armor back to full health, once the engagement timer completed.

Many, many thanks to Slania Auduin, a true hero of High Sec!


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