Looter ALOD: SpielMitMir

The Militia received intel that MeinHerzBrennt and IchWill were operating in Sirppala on the Urlen gate.

Like many of these situations, a choice has to be made; Either save the hauler by jamming the Vexors and garde drones, or let nature take its course, and catch the Looter, thus doing more harm to the criminal operation.

"They didn't want the Vexors anyway"

It's a tough judgment call and decision.

With the decision made, a Stratios, Onyx, Lachesis and Raptor waited for that special moment.

In the end, the fit was absolutely inexcusable.  But we'll do our penance, say our 7 Hail Bob's, and confess our sins to CONCORD.

I'm certain they'll understand.


KipWinger said…
Question: how many stabs does it take to avoid justice...
Answer: you can't fit that many.

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