Gank Gank Evolution

With the impending changes of adding a maximum time-to-warp of 3 minutes, high sec criminals are evolving and adapting, but not without the prerequisite tears, and the wailing and gnashing of teeth with criminals calling out into the night "CCPlease make crime easy again."

The HSM has noticed that the the low-sec alliance Goonswarm and the struggling remnants of CODEdot have adopted a more Russian style of ganking.

Unfortunately, Goons - true to their basic something-awful nature - cannot adopt the more amicable and respectful relationship between Russian criminals and Russian Anti-Gankers who treat each other more as opponents on the chess board.

Evolved Criminal Strategy
Astrahus citadels are built close to the highest trafficked gates, and the gank fleet sits tethered at the citadel.  The gank fleets comprise mostly of stealth bombers fitted with torpedoes.

Multiple Blackbirds camp the gate, waiting for their chosen victims, and are fitted with ship scanners, cargo scanners, and warp disrupters. Once the target enters system and is suicide scrammed by the blackbirds, the gank fleet then undocks and lands at the gate.

A favorite system for this strategy is Isanamo.

Near the Isikano gate, within 22,000km sits an Astrahus citadel used for fleets ganking on that gate.

It is named Bakini Bottom and is owned by Emulation.

Near the Uemisaisen gate, within 32,000km sits an Astrahus citadel used for fleets ganking on that gate.

It is named Fort Luv and is also owned by Emulation.

Counter Strategy
As SB torpedoes do not have the weakness of short optimal ranges, counter-bumping has minimal effect.  Our experience is that Logi shield and armor repping provides the best chance for freighter survival.
It is advised that freighter pilots scout ahead in Isanamo, and avoid this system when these criminals are active.


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