Strange Days: A curious way to surrender

High Sec space can often be like the mythical Bermuda Triangle of Earth.

It is a strange place, filled with strange inhabitants, and much more strange events that cannot often be explained.

This story begins with a criminal named by his clone-baby-mommashitz N Gigglez

S-N-G is quite a prolific criminal who prefers Tornadoes and Thrashers to commit High Sec crime at the Jita undock

A few days ago, S-N-G grew butt-hurt about having his gank ships bumped by members of  the Off-By-One Errors corporation.  So, S-N-G decided to strike back and declare war.

However, things went quickly down the toilet.

The Shiny Violent Killing Toys allied with the Off-By-One Errors corporation and killed a Tornado and a Thrasher belonging to S-N-G.
This caused him to send a surrender offer, which was refused.

So the other night, S-N-G spent several hours sitting at the Jita undock, in a bowhead, with a 200 million ISK kill-right.  Normally, this is some sort of kill-right scam, or standard EVE fundraising event.

Unfortunately, no one was taking the bait, as no cookies or popcorn was offered in exchange.

Nothing happened to S-N-G until...

... Jennifer en Marland decided to go and pop him with a Talos, on the slim chance that she could kill him.

You know, for 'S' and 'G's.

It took 1 minute 48 seconds.

During that whole time S-N-G never reacted, never moved, never did anything and yet when his bowhead exploded, he docked his pod before it too could be blown up.

Kill: shitz N Gigglez (Bowhead)

Thus concludes the baffling story of the bowhead-flying ganker who committed ritualistic New Eden -AFK suicide.

We only can assume this was his way of saying, "I'm sorry"


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