HSM Spotlight: The Tengu Two-Step

Today's HSM Spotlight focuses on Crime Prevention - Interdiction and ECM doctrine.

These tactics are the meat-and-potatoes, our bread-and-butter, for anyone wanting to be part of the Militia - a PreCrime unit of CONCORD.

As many are aware, this story begins in the space trade lane choke points.

The criminal fleet was refitted and waiting in Kamio - one of the primary bases and launch points for space crime.

Jin Kugu - a criminally-aligned bumper pilot - was harassing and holding  a Tengu hostage in Ikao at the Kamio gate.

Then the gank fleet launched and headed for their target.

First, Militia member liam dev caught a Catalyst and Talos at the gate.

Then Militia member Rad Cer, in his Combat recon ship - a Rook - disabled and jammed 2 Talos and a Catalyst as the criminal gang landed on the Tengu.

The Tengu was saved and was able to escape and fly away.

Congratulations goes to liam dev and Rad Cer on demonstrating the well-honed skills and tactics necessary to save innocent pilots in High Sec space.

Your ability to correctly assess and gauge the situation, be on point at the gate at the right time, and be on grid with the correct target, demonstrates that Justice can be brought to New Eden by small teams, with a few simple but time-honored skills.

Well Done and Well Played!


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