Gankers of the Lost Ark of Sivala

This incident began in Sivala on the Uedama gate.  An Ark  was bumped by Sionet (machariel).

The HSM responded and formed a fleet.

The freighter pilot logged out, and the Ark began the typical log-off warp sequence.
The Ark warped to the Hatakani gate where it was then bumped by a Militia Oneiros to keep it from warping back to the Uedama gate, where it would normally sit 1 million km off gate.

The bump and counter-bump battle raged on for about an hour.  The Militia trying to keep the Ark at the gate, while the Machariel tried to give the freighter encouraging bumps to warp away.  Multiple aggression timers were restarted by criminally aligned Kyrsten Dethehal  and ThatOleSerpent 

Finally, the criminals messed up their timing, with ThatOleSerpent arriving seconds too late, as the final timer expired and the Ark disappeared from the grid.

Sivala Local
[17:34:15] Sionet > your efforts are usless
[18:23:37] Thomas en Chasteaux > >> [17:34:15] Sionet > your efforts are usless
And the result was...?  You failed.  :)

Many thanks to the Militia fleet mates who helped save the Ark:

  • Benjamin Callahan
  • Black Draggon
  • Gelt Asanari
  • Kip Winger
  • Magic Gemulus
  • Molotok
  • Ozzie Udan
  • Rhamnousia Nosferatu
  • Shelley Tortuga
  • Thomas en Chasteaux


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