The Killing Floor

My name is Thomas en Chasteaux.

My galaxy is a killing floor of crime, destruction and space homicide.

With the Earth gate closed forever, and cloning erasing the last vestiges of humanity from our DNA, each of us is broken in different ways.

New Eden's culture is the result of the darkest side of humanity, as the normal societal rules and consequences have been broken.

With advancements in cloning, all consequences to illegal acts and acts of terror have been removed.  In this empty void, larceny and space murder have been turned into money making strategies.

One might think that Serpentis injected a genetic sequence into the cloning process, where they publicly claimed that it was to "calm everyone down and suppress criminal thoughts."


Instead of calming people, it instead turned many psychotic, causing half the population to "become crazed, violent, killer lunatics intent on killing anyone who isn't a  crazed, violent, killer lunatic"

But within this dark and savage space, there remains beacons of light and humanity.  Clones yet roam the universe who are not driven by insatiable greed, bloodlust or a glitter fetish.

And there remains the hardy, good volk of New Eden - the workers, builders, pioneers and explorers.

*Leaders of Men.  Will you be one of them?

From these ashes of chaos and inhumanity spread by religious cultists, terrorists and criminal gangs, the High Sec Militia rises to reclaim Civilization from the abyss.  From this killing floor of New Eden, a militia has arisen to stem the tide of suicidal violence and destruction, to restore some semblance of civilization and humanity, to give hope to those who still dream, and redemption to those who have become lost.

*We will rise from the killing floor

If you have the steely-eyed determination of a honey badger, the patience of a sniper, and a strong desire to mete out cold Space Justice to criminals and High Sec Terrorists, then join the Militia today!


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