Bumper ALOD - This is Justice

Earlier this month, during another spasm of criminal activity in Uedama, a Machariel was spotted camping the Ikao gate.

The criminally-aligned pilot, This is Harassment, had counted on his safety being guaranteed.  This was High Sec after all.  And in High Sec Space, according to criminal wisdom, only the pubbie miners and freighters have anything to fear.

Unfortunately for TiH, he forgot to fear that which he cannot escape.

No, this was not harassment.  This was Justice.

Добро пожаловать в пространство с высокой степенью безопасности

Мы надеемся, что вы хорошие времена

У нас было много веселья взорвать свой ​​корабль

Мы надеемся, что сделать это снова скоро


Unknown said…
"This was Justice." Love it! Jen you are the Mach killing sensei. Keep up the excellent work!

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