Viewpoint: The First Time

Impressions from a LogiBro's first call to arms fighting crime

It was strange, and something I can't understand to this day. Why would anyone gank the way I see being done? Freighters, miners, full ships, empty ships, mission ships, it didn't seem to matter.

Another aspect I didn't understand was the people who would try to stop them. Why bother? It would be like trying to catch the scurrying mice out in the field. There were so many places for them to hide. You could never stop them. Never catch them all no matter how hard you tried. And all the waiting? You could set up all you want, if they didn't come out of hiding, or didn't go the way you predicted, it was all for not.

I was even ganked a time or two. It didn't mean anything really. I make more than enough ISK to replace anything I fly. I gave information on the anti-ganking channel, told people about my experiences, who to avoid being ganked, how to make ships that were harder to gank. But still I shook my head at the idea of trying to actually stop a gank.

But, I'm not sure what was said, something that someone said in the channel, or maybe it was Jennifer en Marland, but I started thinking about fits that could be used to try and rep a ship, or perhaps catch a ganker at a gate.

I still scoffed at the idea of actually using them, of course, you'd have to be stupidly lucky to pull it off. And still, something just seemed to say 'Why not try?'

One day, on a whim, I decided to actually buy and fit an Osprey for Anti-Ganking use. To rep freighters being ganked. One day, I answered the call. I joined up with HSM, still unsure if what I was doing was wise. This couldn't be fun, not in the slightest. This wouldn't be productive.

I'm not sure I could have been more wrong.

Getting there, the anticipation of if I'd make it in time. Seeing what was going on, watching the movements, it was a bit like a dance.

Though the freighter was lost, and there are some serious questions as to if this was a gank, or if it staged, one thing was for sure. I'd tasted what it was like to make a combat plan, to engage in an effort of some measure of magnitude.

I saw that a difference can be made. I had to chuckle a bit, I'd dismissed how important and amusing it can be, this game of dog, cat, and mouse.

While I have a busy schedule, I'll definitely make time to show up with Anti-Ganking a time or two.

And if you, like I did, question if it is worth it, or if you can enjoy it, all I can say, is grab an Osprey, Crow, Kitsune, or other ship of the like, and give it a try.

A Private in the High Sec Militia


KipWinger said…
Welcome newbro! Come by anytime!

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