Freighter Testimonials: A Charon in Perimeter


The other day, around 6 am New Eden time, I was hauling with my freighter.  In the Perimeter system on the Niyabainen gate, a Machariel started to target and bump me so I was unable to warp.

I called for help in the Anti-Ganking and Gank-Intel channels, and two brave pilots answered the call - Trantham Patton and Sir Frankfoot.

When the gankers came, I was saved by only these two pilots, with Trantham Patton in a repping armor and hull Nestor and Sir Frankfoot with an ECM griffin.

If it wasn't for them, I would have lost my charon and its cargo. They did an amazing job at keeping me alive while Concord did the rest.  I praise them for that.

Here is the generated kill rights to prove

Best Regards,
A Charon Pilot


KipWinger said…
Save mail = Best mail!

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