July 2016 Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the July 2016 Independence Contest, which saw over 500 killmails and 7.5 Billion isk in criminals and looters caught.

In first place - Fire Grenadier Jennifer en Marland - Plex
In second place - Specialist Deveth Wareld - Skill Injector
[Tie] In third place - Lance Corporal Shelley Tortuga - 250 M isk
[Tie] In third place - Private [redacted] - 250 M isk

And congratulations to our two raffle Skill Injector winners: Jennifer en Marland and [redacted]

Thanks to everyone who helped bring Justice to High Sec Space,
saving Miners, Haulers, Freighters, and even AFK/APing Mission Runners on the move.

See you next time on grid!



KipWinger said…
Nice job all! Keep it going!

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