Ganker Fail: Not Always Winning

Friday's action in Uedama by the HSM saw some early victories against CODE with the save of an Orca who began warping to planets and stations after the gank attempt. The Militia repaired its shields and armor, but could not get the last bit of his hull repaired as he was running scared, though he did finally escape the system.

A Russian Hyperion Battleship was saved on the Haatomo gate and repaired to full health.  After a Google Translate convo was had, the Hyperion stuck around the system to calmly and slowly salvage the ganker wrecks.

A second Orca was saved, and by then, the gank fleet focused squarely on the Militia, spending the time to warp about to get a good warp in.  Jennifer en Marland was targeted and hit twice (losing her ship), but the result was the Orca escaped while the criminals were bitter and raging.  

Many thanks to Jennifer for triggering criminals into red hot distraction!

From that point on CODE switched to much more expensive T2 fit ships, purifiers and talos.
CODE could not afford any more humiliation.

For the remainder of the night, the Militia fought hard, and [EDIT] 'really came close to saving a few more freighters', and fought until the gankers quit for the night.

Excellent work everyone!

And enjoy a freighter save video from the following night.


John said…
Good work out there!

Just for clarification
- I had a little trouble with understanding part of the blog -

Those "almost-save calls"
once the enemy switched to T2 fittings
were you guys starting to take some losses?

Or did you simply mean that the bad guys
were thoroughly distracted from their intended gank targets?

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