Ganker Fail: Three Strikes

Private Paulus Titans noticed a Bastion alliance member in the Misneden system, who was +4.6 sec status (but you know how they are).   The only real target was a retriever in a belt, so he took up an optimal range perch on him.

A catalyst was on DScan, so he waited until the cat was on target before uncloaking.

Strike 1) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)

The ganker came back 2 more times to try to finish him off, but basically did the same thing each time - a swing and a miss.

Strike 2) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)
Strike 3) Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst)

Local Chat:
Paulus Titans  Kill: Sheeth Athonille (Catalyst) nice fail
Sheeth Athonille > meh, first try xD
Sheeth Athonille > figured that'd happen when I saw you on grid, but tried it anyway, about what was expected lol
Paulus Titans > yeah, sucks you not being -5 or less, have to decloak and wait
Paulus Titans > boy, i wish frank would wake up :)
Sheeth Athonille > yeah he's super afk lol
Paulus Titans > wow, your not kidding
Paulus Titans > mis is the most deadly system for gankers my friend
Sheeth Athonille > I've noticed xD

After Sheeth struck out, a Logibro was called in with a MedKit of drone reps and patched the miner back up to full health.

The miner then woke from his nap, noticed his cargo was full - and his hull suspiciously cleaned - and left for the station.  He did not notice the coupon left in his cargo hold.

And the Circle of Life in New Eden continued.


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