How to Help Against CODE.

Add the CODE. alliance as a Contact, then mark as "Terrible Standing".  You will then see Gankers marked in the local channel and in your Overview.  Although usually, in Overview, they are Criminal. (-5 to -10)

If you want to help against CODE, then ...

  • ...spread the word that flying a Retriever, a Covetor, or Mackinaw creates a High Risk of being 'ganked', because each has such a low ehp. Each is extremely easy and quick to gank.  Fly a Procurer or Skiff instead and fit for shield tank, not mining yield.  It is important to remember, that no sector in space should be considered 'safe'.  Just as sharks swim in the ocean, there are predators in New Eden.  The problem is, too many are griefers and trolls who hold a deep-seated animosity towards miners, haulers and industrialists. 
  • the Anti-Gank channel and Gank-Intel channel for news on CODE activity, then go to the "infested" system, and help any way you can.

Assist by... 

  • Announcing in adjacent systems that CODE is actively destroying ships in the infested system... warning Miners and Freighters
  • Bring an ECM fitted ship if CODE is destroying Miners, you will usually find like-minded anti-CODE pilots in the system. You will also recognize names from the anti-gank channels.
  • Bring a Remote Repair ship to repair the shield/armor/hull of Freighters during the gank-attempt.  The Anti-Ganking community is actively recruiting Logi pilots who can fly the Remote Shield/Armor rep cruisers of the various races (Exequror, Auguror, Scythe, Osprey).  The AG community is ready to assist in getting you into one of these ships, properly trained, and properly fitted.  Contact Thomas en Chasteaux if interested. 
  • Bring a PVP fitted ship... and shoot (almost) anyone who goes criminal in the CODE infested system.  Please be aware,  the AG community does employ "special forces teams" to go criminal, sacrificing their ships and security status, to gank the Machariel battleship-class bumper ships that CODE hires (including alts and mercenaries).  CODE uses Machariels to bump freighters away from the gate and sentry guns, to hold the freighter hostage until the criminal timer has ended for the gank fleet, or to extort large sums of money from the freighter pilot (500 M isk and up).  The AG community gives special thanks to those brave and heroic souls who have made it their mission to kick the bumpers in the teeth.  So if you see a Machariel bumper go 'pop' on grid, give a hearty shout-out in local. 

"Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."
"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."


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