CODE. Ship Kill Contest

The contest is complete!  View the results here

The Anti-Ganking Community is hosting a September  CODE. Ship "Decommissioning" Contest.

The competition involves several different categories for winners and prizes.

The pilot with the highest total CODE ship kill-mails, that do not include CONCORD or Faction Police by the end of this month will receive:
  • 'Hustler' Heavy Neutron Blaster I (7)
  • Federation Navy Anti-Matter Charge M (20000)
  • Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor
  • a set of 10 TII Small or Medium Combat Drones of your choice.
  • 100 Million ISK
  • 1 PLEX 

The pilot with the highest total assisted CODE ship kill-mails, which includes CONCORD, Faction Police or others by the end of this month will receive:
  • Talos
  • Dread Guristas ECM Multispectral Jammer (2)
  • 'Integrated' Ogre (5)
  • 'Integrated' Berserker (15)
  • 100 Million ISK

Also, the Top 5 contestants in each category above will also get their choice of a fully fitted cruiser:
  • Blackbird
  • Moa
  • Rupture
  • Thorax
  • Vexor

The pilot with the highest recorded damage to a CODE ship in a kill-mail by the end of this month will receive:
  • Megathron Navy Issue
  • Federation Navy Anti-Matter Charge L (20000)
  • Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II
  • Large Core Defense Field Extender II (2)
  • Federation Navy Garde combat drones (5)
  • Warrior II combat drones (10)
  • 100 Million ISK

The pilot with the highest total number of CODE Thrashers in kill-mails by the end of this month will receive:
  • Federation Navy Anti-Matter Charge S  (20000)
  • 50 Million ISK

For all who enter, random drawings will be held,  giving away the following prizes:

(Max 2 prizes per contestant)
  • Federation Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane  (1)
  • True Sansha Energized EM Membrane (2)
  • True Sansha Energized Explosive Membrane (2)
  • Dread Guristas Thermic Dissipation Amplifier (2)
  • Dread Guristas Explosive Deflection Amplifier (2)
  • Dread Guristas Kinetic Deflection Amplifier (3)
  • Dread Guristas EM Ward Amplifier (2 )
  • 'Stalwart' Particle Field Magnifier (1)
  • 'Beatnik' Small Remote Armor Repairer (4)
  • Mid-grade Halo Beta 
  • Garde II Sentry Drones (20)
  • Garde II Sentry Drones (20)
  • Garde II Sentry Drones (20)  (Yes 3 sets available!)

To enter the contest... 

Send an  EVEmail to Thomas en Chasteaux  with subject CODE Ship Kill Contest. You will be assigned a registrant number to confirm you have entered the contest. 

Contest runs for the month of September 2014

And a special thanks goes out to all the Sponsors, who are making this contest possible.
You know who you are.

Fly Safe, and Happy Hunting!


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