SitRep: King of High Sec and Hek Operations

A few points should be made on the King of High Sec's encounter with the High Sec Militia, as recorded here. ( fast forward to 3:37 ) and described here.

First, to King's credit, he mentioned on several occasions that the CODE doesn't always win.
That is the first step in the healing process when one is involved in a cult - the acknowledgment that the oft repeated cultic mantras and chants are fundamentally flawed, if not outright lies.

Second, King admitted that he may not be able to stream future ganking operations, because the "Anti-Gankers" (formally known as the High Sec Militia) will make it difficult, if not impossible, for him to gank. This is a refreshing, and recorded, moment of honesty and self-realization for a CODE member.

Third, King tried. Even though he knew the Militia was in system, he flew out and tried, wanting to see if the Militia could stop him. And stop him we did.  His final effort of the night stands in stark contrast to so many encounters with CODE, where they see the Militia in system, and either refuse to undock - fearing space combat and ship explosions - or flee the system, looking for easier, unprotected targets.

In which case, a game of Cat and Mouse begins, with the CODE member the Hunted, and the Militia the Hunter.

It is common knowledge that CODE ganks miners only because it is easy and simple to do so. For CODE, the term Elite PVP is defined strictly as shooting unprotected, unarmed targets, who are usually AFK.

When resistance by the Militia is brought to bear, CODE slinks away.

And to King, the Militia gives a tip of the hat, with a disapproving glare. 
For at least he dared to run the Gauntlet of Justice.

And a lesson was taught that night, another CODE gankalyst was decommissioned, and another miner's assets saved.

Stay Vigilant.
Stay Frosty.
Stay the Course.

The High Sec Militia


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