High-Sec Militia Recruitment Drive

New Eden - a lawless and amoral void where humanity lives in exile in deep space.

EVE allows you to be the best of Saints or the worst of Sinners.  Your internal moral compass, your work ethic, and your innate sense of right and wrong drives you down either path.

Although well-funded criminals operate with impunity in empire space, our primary concern is the scale at which the CODE. Alliance and those like them are operating.

Piracy and banditry are as old as time. However, it is the industrialization and large scale funding of this criminal enterprise that is new, and represents a threat to the galactic economy. Through the mixing of quasi-religious mantras, unyielding fanatical dogma, and zealotry in its convert-or-die philosophy, the CODE. Alliance has terrorized several regions, claiming dominion over all empire space as a future caliphate for their prophet James 315 - a charlatan and self described messianic figure previously and infamously known for ponzi schemes.  The CODE. Alliance is becoming a menace to galactic civilization that must be suppressed and minimized through the efforts of a High Sec Militia that supplements and augments the tireless yet limited efforts by CONCORD.

Trillions of I.S.K. worth of ships and cargo have been destroyed and plundered, enabling these groups to grow quickly and out of control, spreading their cultic reign of terror, extortion and murder of untold numbers of clone citizens of all empires.


New Eden is essentially a lawless place. In High-Sec, there are consequences for criminal activity, but the punishment by CONCORD is static, and does not scale with the weight or severity of the crime.

Bandits, raiders, and pirates skillfuly navigate the system of crime and punishment, and manipulate the CONCORD response at will. So if there is to be any retribution, punishment or justice, then it must come from the hands of the good capsuleers of New Eden.

High Road; Low Road

The Low Road is the path taken by suicide ganker pilots, who terrorize empire space, robbing capsuleers of their hard earned profits and cargo.  But the High Road, requires a pilot who recognizes the value of hard work, and who sympathizes in the pain of loss when psychopathic criminals violently steal the assets of their fellow capsuleers.

The question before you is simple, do you have what it takes to rise above the mere struggle for survival, to live by a higher standard of conduct, to hold dear the ideals of freedom and liberty, and to take up the fight for the right of every empire citizen to live free from oppression and tyranny?

If you hold yourself to a higher code of conduct; if you are willing to beat back the menace of the suicidal, cultic clones of James 315, then join the High-Sec Militia.  We are looking for a few good capsuleers who embody the best of what New Eden has to offer.

The High-Sec Militia is recruiting:

  • Bounty Hunters
  • Logi - Remote Shield/Armor/Hull Reppers
  • Logi - EWAR pilots
  • Pod Snipers
  • Alpha pilots for special ship decommissioning missions
Requirements:  Clones 3 months of age and older

Join the Militia, and help us beat back the tide of CODE.

Stopping a CODE. Gank


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