High Sec Mission: Kusion Incursion

Kusion Runners

Good Evening Agent of CONCORD

There is a recurring incursion in High Sec centered on Uedama and impacting the surrounding systems of Sivala, Ikao, Juunigaishi and Haatomo.

There is a criminal gang family of clones. The family name is Kusion.  Recently a second criminal gang family has joined them, and goes by the name of Maori.

A scout named Milky Penguin flying a Heron will sit in Sivala on the Uedama gate.  Milky scans incoming freighters, haulers and battleships.  

If the potential target is autopiloting, carrying valuable cargo, or expensively fit, that ship is in extreme danger.

Meanwhile, the looter, Daxter Alabel, flying a Bustard, will either scan for targets in Ikao on the Uedama gate, or sit cloaked below the Sivala gate.

Once a potential target is chosen, Milky will follow the target into Uedama, and determine which gate the soon-to-be victim warps to (Haatomo, Ikao, Juunigaishi)

Depending on the target, the gank fleet may consist of Catalysts, Thrashers, Vexors, Purifiers or Hounds.  At this point, the signal is given and the Kusion clan undocks from the Lai Dai station in Uedama, warps to an insta-undock, then heads to the gate to wait for their victim.

Once the target is chosen, and the fleet begins to warp to the gate, Milky will warp ahead, then hug the victim, acting as a warp-in for the gank fleet.  Daxter will follow and hope the Loot Fairy is AFK.

Once the victim's ship has popped, Daxter will warp and land on the victim's wreck. Using the fleet hangar, Milky will loot and transfer the cargo to the awaiting Bustard's hold.  Milky then quickly warps away, and Daxter will trollboat around, picking up the modules dropped by the gank fleet.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to increase the failure rate of this criminal gang, and add risk to their looting.

Some may choose to be the quicker looter, denying the Kusions any financial reward. Others may choose to rep the victims, denying the gank, or jam/scram/dampen/shoot-in-the-clone-face against the fleet- thus preventing the gank.

How you complete this mission is up to you.

As always, should you or any of your team be caught or killed, CONCORD will disavow any knowledge of your actions, though your ships may be covered by SRP.

This holodisc will self-destruct in five seconds.

Good Luck and Good Hunting


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