Bumper ALOD: Luciana AFK Green

Luciana Green was in her Machariel, camping the Ikao gate in Uedama.  And by camping, we mean sitting dead-still for quite some time.

The Black Ops team decided that Luciana had been napping for too long.

First, they tried a gentle nudge and bump, pushing her away from the gate. She did not awaken.

Next, they splashed some water on her face.

That did not work.

Then, they tried an air horn.

That did the trick!

Later, Luciana arrived back in Uedama, with another Machariel named 'Again'.

We're not sure if she meant "Not Again", or was hoping for another visit from the team.

In either case, Luciana was not seen by a gate for the remainder of the night.  But we were quite certain she appreciated the wake up call.

Special thanks to the elite PVP Black Ops team members.

  • Jennifer en Marland
  • Slania Auduin
  • Agosto Blonde


Unknown said…
Good kill. These reports always put a smile on my face.

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