Bumper ALOD - Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

In this cold, vast galaxy, New Eden holds many mysteries.  Some mysteries are cosmic anomalies, explainable by science, if only we find the key.

Others are more mystical, ethereal in nature and remain unexplainable.  In such a galaxy, it is best not to tempt fate.

Frayn Bantam - Machariel bumper pilot for criminal organizations - took out his giant foam finger and shouted a challenge into the heavens.

And Frayn's prayer did reach Bob's ears.  And lo, HE reached out his mighty hand to answer...

We lower our heads in reverence to Bob's messengers - Jennifer en Marland and Slania Auduin.
And we give thanks to Bob's mighty backhand of Justice.  


Unknown said…
997 mil! I believe that is a record for a bumping mach! Great work Jen!

This was a goon bumper btw, confirmed in local chat. Not that there is a difference anymore...

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