Looter ALOD: The Science of Justice

The ancient sanskrit texts Vaimānika Śāstra are believed by some to be a treatise on aerospace technology - the "science of aeronautics". More likely, they are the vivid imaginations of someone who dreamed of being a capsuleer, soaring between the heavens in implausibly space worthy Minmatar ships.

While scholars look back on these early fantasies and pseudo-science, we are reminded that there remains one constant thread that binds us to our ancestors - the passion to dream, and reach out beyond the stars, to achieve heights and accomplishments unknown to those who remained prisoners of gravity and of their own minds.

One other binding thread is greed.  And Kxe Kxe's insatiable lust for other people's treasures knows few bounds.  Kxe Kxe loots for the Tornado ganker kali laska.  

But Kxe found a hard boundary the other day, and his name is Sergio Galente.

For those of us guided by far better stars, we see the ancient truths within the heavens, and find great wisdom in that greater constellation of Justice.


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