Anti-Ganking is PVP

When miners go out to grind rocks into space dust and minerals, they are doing the good Bob's work.  Those minerals are the foundation and building blocks for every ship known to mankind.

The time spent in the belts brings a sense of honest work and added value, though the margins are slim and hours long.

Whether it is time spent accumulating minerals or planetary goo, or time spent researching blue prints, or time spent exploring, or time spent in training, time is the true currency of New Eden.

It is not any surprise that a few capsuleers find that good, hard work gives them a bad case of hives and bowel blockage.  It is those bad eggs that mine and exploit a different sort of abundant resource - the miners themselves.

Some pirates and criminals will often wait until the ore holds are nearly full. At that point, they swoop in and destroy the mining ships, plundering the cargo holds and modules, thus draining the miner's lifeblood - his time and ISK - much like the fabled chupacabras.

Others are driven by demonic desires to lay waste to the universe and collect soul trophies. They are maniacally driven to fill up their jars of woe and sorrow, and simply find the first mining laser beacon they find and destroy it.

Both criminal types know they only have a few seconds before the space police arrive to repossess their ship.  And both know that if Obvious Criminal is Obvious, their intended victim will be spooked and flee.

It is this situation and grid reality that the Militia hunts and operates in.

Our prey are the miner hunters and ISK vampires. 

We watch Intel, study our prey, their hunting grounds, their methods and their scouts.  

We cloak up, we search for their next intended victim, we follow their scouts, and we lay in wait.

The criminals have only a few seconds to execute their kill.  But it is the militia member who has even fewer seconds to act and bring Justice, preventing the gank and saving the miner.

We hunt the hunters.  Our prey is extremely dangerous and deadly at close range.  

If you enjoy stalking your prey...

If you get satisfaction from discovering and studying the habits, flight patterns, and feeding grounds of ISK vampires...

If you get an adrenaline rush as reds warp in on top of unsuspecting victims with guns blazing...
And you, just as quickly, lock and neut/jam/blap the criminal into a toothless and bewildered space fail...

Then you will enjoy Anti-Ganking, as this is truly PvP.

Join the Militia today.


KipWinger said…
So true! Pew pew at the best!

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