Countering Hyperdunking

A guest post by Senior Specialist bigbud skunkafella

Hyperdunking is relatively easy to counter.  If you see a load of shuttles on dscan near a gate, POS or belt, you probe them down, jump into a cheap ship (to prevent any embarrassing ship losses if the dunkers happen to stumble upon you as you board the shuttles) , board the shuttles. as they now belong to you  you can legally shoot them. so shoot them, or for a bit of fun and to generate mails as a momento, duel a fleet mate(s).  It is quicker to do this, (about 10 secs per shuttle) than to self destruct them or steal them. and as a bonus you get 6.5 k insurance per shuttle popped ;).

If you are lucky enough to stumble across a hyperdunk ( look for a bowhead near a freighter, Orca, POS or belt + shuttles, catas on dscan) , probe them down , lock up any catas you see , then be ready to pop the pods as they warp in to board the catas , (which they can't because they're locked).

I believe the bowhead cannot retrieve the catas while they're locked because every instance I've experienced the bowhead has left the catas behind.  Get a friend to lock em up while you come back in a pod or shuttle to steal them.  Be quick though, because the bowhead pilot may try to dock and pod back to them, as owner he can retrieve them even if locked.

And finally, harvest those ganker tears \o/ 


Senior Specialist bigbud skunkafella

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