Burn Jita 2019: Bumps and Angry Bees

This years’ hedonistic display of misdirected rage, wanton carnage and clone brain explosion concussions arrived with little fanfare and was preceded by some theft and melodrama.

These past several weeks saw CODE become a shadow of its former self.  Many high profile ganker clans had been absent, or seen infrequently.  Whether due to bans or brain trauma, the pace of CODE ganking had diminished.

In the forums prior to the  Goon Weekend of Rioting and Looting, it was announced that CODE would not be participating in the 3 days of BJ debauchery with the BJ Bees.  Apparently, Kusion had stolen (once again) all the gank ships CODE would fly.  But we were told “not to worry!”, there would be a gank contest - shooting small miners.

The melodrama proved to be somewhat true this year, as CODE was largely absent.  Kusion showed up, in his stolen ships, but only for a short while.

I had the pleasure of witnessing three “the hard way” saves, where the Logi held the grid, tanking the 150+ coercer gank blob’s damage.  Each was able to escape to safety afterward.

A fourth survived the first gank attempt, but a lack of hull reps and later second wave exploded the freighter.

There were many more rescues as hero counter bumpers took the field.  Two in particular were a Barghest (Ayra Wright of Tactical Supremacy) and Machariel (Shalishaska Laoch of Damned Brotherhood)  In excess of 20 freighters were aided and counter bumped by our collective fleets,  and each were able to have their gank “appointment” continually delayed long enough so they could escape.

Our belief has always been that one capsuleer is all it takes to begin to make a difference.  And that was on full display as Militia members and allies took to the grid, counter bumping and repping all weekend long.

The explosions were indeed real, but so too were the heroic saves and rescues.

Kudos and shout-outs to the brave and selfless capsuleers who made the epic efforts to stem the tide of Goonian chaos, anarchy, and BJ debauchery.

As proof that all it takes is one capsuleer to make a difference, the next day after Burn Jita, I was able to solo prevent an Orca gank in Uedama against the Pandemic Horde LGBTQ gank fleet, before the arrival of the logi cavalry which prevented any second attempt.

All it took was 1 Falcon, 5 Successful jams, and 1 busted pair of shoes.


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