Machariel ALOD: Cries of the Eagle

The Advanced Tear Harvesting crime gang was once again ganking freighters along the major trade pipe in Niarja.

But things weren't going terribly well for their Machariel Bumper pilot.  There were a few escapes, then a Rhea cyno'ed out.  At that point, Tamika just seemed to stop.  Tamika just sat there, and sat there, far off the gate

It was at this time, that Team TetraFinity called for an intervention with a mass of loud explosions.

Tamika remained motionless, now in her pod.  Tamika just remained there, motionless, far off the gate.

We grew concerned.  Bright lights and explosions no longer seemed to interest Tamika.

Suddenly, we heard the scream of a bird of prey.

As we watched Tamika's clone corpse twist and turn in the void, we thought we noticed a wry smile on her face.

At that point, we knew, Op Success!
We left the grid knowing we brought Tamika some space happiness.


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