The annual Goon Spring Rage event was heralded in the skies above Jita 4-4 and in Perimeter as "MOONPIRE"

But it quickly turned into something else.

The Goon's Burn Jita 2018 began as usual, but then the meme horns of NC\PL were sounded, and a reckoning began.

After losing 3 Machariels to NC\PL the Goons switched to Bumper Typhoons.
But it was not without it's own admission of shame.

But soon, the 'Phoon Shame was matched with real losses as well.

While the freighter losses were unfortunate, the AG community and Militia fought and repped whenever and wherever we could.

Most freighter victims were untanked and oblivious to the Goon event, and were lost.
But we helped guide and save several freighters.

Two of them stand out for me.

One was a Fenrir.

And the other was a spectacular failure by the Goons, as a tank hardened Orca overheated his defenses, while 15 of us repped till our capacitors burst.  He survived, and lived to proclaim it in the channels.

It was this miner's first foray into PvP.  And he won.

He had some help. But as this was his first battle against the Goons, we were content to let him bask in all the glory.

Until next time we meet on the grid.

Fly Fearless.


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