Two Years of Justice

"Woe unto the world because of offenses; 
for it must needs be that offenses come, 
but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh"

October 2016 marks the two year anniversary of the High Sec Militia!

During these two years 269 pilots have enlisted in the Militia with nearly 9700 killmails submitted.

In this timeframe, 196 Billion ISK of criminal assets have been interdicted with many, many miners and industrial haulers saved. Scores of freighters have been saved. And several looter-freighters and lesser-looter ships and Machariel bumpers have been turned into space wrecks. Below are the statistics for the two years.

Ship Type
Num of Ships
KM Values
Catalyst 6020 28851
Thrasher 853 2051.2
Talos 841 76947.4
Vexor 510 6945.6
Brutix 509 19073.8
Tornado 183 13924.3
Purifier 141 4553.5
Hound 91 3142.6
Heron 76 1809.8
Mobile Depot 34 13
Blackbird 26 612.2
Atron 26 42
Maller 26 408
Rupture 24 435.4
Machariel** 24 9280.8

Thank you, capsuleers of the Militia, for all your tireless and unrelenting efforts!

**Number of Black Ops participants who neutralized Machariels


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