Bumper Mach-Attack Bounty Program

Ganking Bumper Machariels... For Great Just-ISK

250M ISK bounty for each speed-tanked bumper Machariel KM in the following systems

  • Aufay
  • Balle
  • Isanamo
  • Jita
  • Madirmilire
  • Niarja
  • Uedama

The Machariel faction battleship is known not only for its questionable Jovian origins, but also for its superior speed.

Criminal gangs in High-Sec space employ Machariels to bump freighters to position their victims beyond the range of the gate guns for their allied gank-fleets to attack, or to hold the freighter hostage until an extortion payment is made, usually 500M ISK and up.

The CODE dot Alliance [CODE.] with heavy Goonswarm support has targeted Uedama and other trade route systems for freighter interdiction. Uedama is the natural choke point for all High-Sec traffic between the major trade routes of Dodixie-Jita, Hek-Jita and Rens-Jita.

Tens of billions worth of ISK of freighters and cargo have been interdicted, stolen and destroyed by these CODE./Goon fleets.  The primary tool that these criminal gangs use to set up the destruction of the freighter is the usage of the Machariel bumper.

Due to the threat these ships pose to the shipping lanes in Uedama and elsewhere, the High-Sec Militia is offering a bounty reward of 300 million ISK for every speed-tanked Machariel destroyed in the Aufay, Balle, Isanamo, Jita, Madirmilire, Niarja and Uedama systems. If you see a Machariel gate-camping, scanning and bumping a freighter, then those are the criminal bumper pilots this program seeks to target.

This bounty program is valid beginning October 1st 2014 and for all KMs dated on that day forward. The program results and effects will be examined at the end of the month and will be renewed each month until further notice.

Check back here periodically for updates.

Send an EVEMail with the KM of the Machariel (Aufay, Balle, Isanamo, Jita, Madirmilire, Niarja and Uedama systems only) to Thomas en Chasteaux.

After verification and confirmation, payment will be made.


  • CODE., Goon and their allied affiliate members are not eligible recipients for payments of these rewards.
  • The High Sec Militia reserves the right to withold payment if reasonable suspicion or activity is detected in targeting non-Bumper Machariels
  • Speed-Tanked Machariels KMs are only accepted as valid for rewards, as marked by the presence of:
    • 2+ Overdrive Injector Systems or variants installed in low slots
    • 2+ Nanofiber Internal Structures or variants installed in low slots
    • 2+ Hull  Inertial Stabilizers or variants in low slots
    • 500MN Microwarpdrive or variant in mid slot
    • The presence of installed cap rechargers and cargo scanners.

Criminal bumpers brought to justice

And as always, thanks to all the supporters of the Militia.

Stay Vigilant

Stay Frosty
Fly Safe

The High Sec Militia

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